My Paintings

                                                                                                                 Art enables us to find ourselves and loose ourselves at the same the journey

Radha Krishna(Divine Love)

Radha Krishna is the most scared relationship in the universe. This is charcoal art I did in my 10th standard. I learned this from guru Veena garu, who inspired me to start my painting journey.

My Own Portrait(Bhargavi)

I was inspired to paint portrait's, I thought it would be fun to protray my own face instead of others and was succeeded to certain degree

Joy of playing with Colors

In the USA, I got bored and started sketch pen art and created this on the fly as a stress reliever.

Wedded Couple

It was my First abstract painting created with a pallet knife. I love the costume worn during the church that what made me choose this master piece.

Fall Colors 

The colors of fall are one of any favorites and I wanted to paint them so I created this acrylic painting

Flowers and Rain go hand in hand

It is beautiful to watch flowers with rain drops on them.


If someone asked Radha, what's a beautiful life means, she would say being close to Krishna and forgetting the rest of the world...soulmates are rare, but they do exist!

Kiss the soul

One kiss can bind two souls in one second. No one knows when magic happens. Abstract painting using pallet knives.

Play with colors

It's impossible to express the joy of making these art pieces with different just have to do it

Coming Soon..

Cool Picture

Using sketch pens, I was able to achieve vivid colors and interesting shades. I was surprised by the result.

Friends together

I just made this thinking of my friends, still use this as a display picture on WhatsApp. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Dream Girl

This is another amazing piece of artwork that I was able to do in my intermediate. After finishing the painting, my mom showed it to our family friends, and they touched the Bindi and it spread on their faces. I cried like any other human being and reworked it until it was back to its original state.

Excited working on my new Easel.

I started painting again with a friend's encouragement after some sad incidents in my life. I just bought an easel and started working on the painting of the Wedded couple that was added before. The process of learning never stops. I experimented with new Oil Professional paintings.
There will always be amazing people around to help you. Don't let them go.
Enjoy life as it comes!  

Back to form 

A skill acquired/learned once will remain with you for life. Be sure to cherish it!

Beauty is whatever gives joy for you

Love doesn't needs any explanation just needs an understanding heart and mindful soul.

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